Join the ongoing conversation! I'm on Facebook almost every day to chat, answer questions, get feedback, and solicit advice! When I get an idea for a new book, my Facebook crowd is always the first to know.


Take a look at my Pinterest boards for cool pics of the real-life settings behind the books! I take the photographs on vacation and then pinpoint where things happen (in my mind, anyway!) More pics are added all the time.


I love doing videos "on location!" See what I've filmed in Alaska and Hawaii, and hear me describe my own favorite kind of book (just don't look at me too closely -- be distracted by the scenery, okay?)


I have a profile on Goodreads, although I'm not personally active in the community (I think readers should be able to talk freely without authors lurking outside the door.) But here's a link if you want to dish!

I also have a presence on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, AboutMe, and Author's Den, but I don't check in often, so if you really want to reach me, please send me a Facebook message or email instead. Thanks!
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