Never Neck at Niagara

A Leigh Koslow Short Story
Otherwise known as Book Three and a Half!

A weekend at Niagara Falls with the love of her life sounds great to the newly wedded Leigh -- but stumbling onto a murder plot wasn't supposed to be on the itinerary. Then again, neither was stumbling into the upper Niagara River!

This was my debut short story (and to date, my only short story), which I wrote for my publisher's anthology And the Dying is Easy. The story takes place between  Never Preach Past Noon and Never Kissed Goodnight.

 Edie's Scoop
To be honest, short fiction really isn't my thing. But the setting was tremendous fun -- I absolutely love biking around Goat Island, hanging out on the Three Sisters Islands and eating Mr. Big candy bars. Being in the water, not so much...
Critical Praise
[Anthology] "A mystery-reader's banquet at a fast-food price."  —Publisher's Weekly
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