Welcome to the website of Edie Claire, author of the Leigh Koslow mystery series, classic romantic suspense, women's fiction, YA romance, and stage comedies. 
Drama that feels good...
Five Things You Won't Find
in an Edie Claire book or play

1. Plots that bask in the negative and the depressing
(Because I figure life has enough real pain.)

2. Explicit scenes or vulgar language
(Some mild profanity here or there, yes--but you won't hear THAT word or see...well, you know what I mean!)

3. Gore/Horror/Graphic Violence
(Not into it--my crimes happen off the page.)

4. Beautiful, artistic language rife with symbolism and profound, life-altering insight into the meaning of humanity
(Meh. I write to entertain, and make no apology for it!)

5. Somebody else's chewed gum
(Warning: does not apply to used books.)
Five Things You'll Always Find in an Edie Claire Book or Play

1. A happy ending
(I seek to amuse and uplift.)

2. Humor
(Yes, even in the spooky/scary books; I really can't help myself.)

3. A dose of romance
(Less in the mysteries, of course, but I can't avoid it altogether... it's too important to #1!)

4. Suspense
(I like to keep the pages turning with anticipation and emotional tension, rather than horror and/or threat of world annihilation.)

5. Relationships and characters you can relate to
(Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I have never actually met your mother-in-law.)