No matter the genre, my goal is to deliver a reader experience that is heartwarming,  heartpounding, and humorous. Though the relative weight of those elements may differ from series to series, love always triumphs in my stories, the characters feel like people you know, and the ending is a happy one. So step in to my world, sit back, and enjoy an escape you can trust!

 All of my novels are rated either
(most) or PG (mysteries and books with teen protagonists). Except for one short story, all my books are traditional length and can be purchased in digital form for less than a burger combo. You can even try one mystery and one romance for free. Happy reading! 

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Romantic Women's Fiction
Pacific Horizons, Book Four

Coming early 2018
When her bold venture to live as an independent woman in Texas meets with disaster, sunny dreamer Mei Lin decides to punish herself by taking a  job as a live-in nurse in an isolated Alaskan town -- in the middle of winter. But sometimes, the worst-laid plans can go fabulously...

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Latest Releases

Romantic Fiction
Hawaiian Shadows, Book Four

August 9, 2017
Knowing things you shouldn’t can make you powerful.
It can also rip your heart out.
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Leigh Koslow Mystery Series, Book Eleven

 Every winter, Port Mesten, Texas becomes a sacred haven for migrating birds and RVing retirees. This year, Leigh Koslow is going for a visit.

Oh, dear.

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