No matter the genre, my goal is to deliver a reader experience that is heartwarming,  heartpounding, and humorous. Though the relative weight of those elements may differ from series to series, love always triumphs in my stories, the characters feel like people you know, and the ending is a happy one. So step in to my world, sit back, and enjoy an escape you can trust!

 All of my novels are rated either
(most) or PG (mysteries and books with teen protagonists). Except for one short story, all my books are traditional length and can be purchased in digital form for less than a burger combo. You can even try one mystery and one romance for free. Happy reading! 

Latest Release

Romantic Women's Fiction
Pacific Horizons, Book Three

Released August 30th, 2016
Life dealt her heart a terrible blow as a newborn. With time, she learned to love again. But with him, time is running out.

What's Up Next?

Leigh Koslow Mystery series, Book Ten

Coming in December

Leigh's mother, Frances, thought that making the Koslow family homestead a last-minute substitute for stop #3 on the Holiday House Tour was a splendid idea. Then everyone drank the cider.
When Leigh’s parents’ house becomes a last-minute substitution on the regional garden club’s famous Holiday House Tour, Frances Koslow is thrilled. But the tour is tomorrow, there’s work to be done, and Frances’s dwindling and aging “Floribunda” chapter is in dire need of reinforcements. Worried about her mother’s blood pressure, particularly as sisterly tensions rise over Leigh’s Aunt Lydie’s upcoming Christmas Eve wedding, Leigh steps in to make sure the tour runs smoothly.

But perhaps Leigh isn’t the ideal choice for the task. Not when a fortune cookie has just portended the return of her infamous “bad karma.” Not when everyone knows the real reason the Floribundas have declined is because every remaining member is a whackadoodle. And not when someone’s idea of Christmas spirit is to add a little something extra to the sweet cider punch.

One dead Floribunda later, Leigh struggles to keep her family calm in the midst of swirling suspicions, flying accusations, and dubious warnings of biological warfare. But when someone threatens to silence her own all-too-curious daughter, mother-rage kicks in. Nobody is ruining her family’s Merry Christmas. Not even her family.
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