About Edie

2014 Volcom Pipe Pro, North Shore, Oahu
I have lived in various states in the South and Midwest and have worked at more jobs (paid and unpaid) than I can count, including veterinarian, childbirth educator, medical/technical writer, corporate communications writer, freelance copyeditor, camp counselor, CASA (court-appointed special advocate for abused/neglected children), church administrative council leader, community theater diva, birthparent mentor, hospital volunteer, mother of three, wife, laundress, housekeeper (although I stink at that one), pet collector, coordinator of child sponsorship for a Christian mission in Kenya, choir member (I was pretty marginal at that, too), and last but not least--I once spent an entire summer cleaning toilets at a ranch in New Mexico. I am also pretty much obsessed with professional surfing (See at left. This is bliss. Really.)

When I'm not doing the above, I write novels and plays. And I really hope that you enjoy them!

Five Things You'll Always Find in an Edie Claire Book or Play

1. A happy ending
(I seek to amuse and uplift.)

2. Humor
(Yes, even in the spooky/scary books; I really can't help myself.)

3. A dose of romance
(Less in the mysteries, of course, but I can't avoid it altogether... it's too important to #1!)

4. Suspense
(I like to keep the pages turning with anticipation and emotional tension, rather than horror and/or threat of world annihilation.)

5. Relationships and characters you can relate to
(Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I have never actually met your mother-in-law.)

Five Things You Won't Find in an Edie Claire Book or Play

1. Plots that bask in the negative and the depressing
(Because I figure life has enough real pain.)

2. Explicit scenes or vulgar language
(Some mild profanity here or there, yes--but you won't hear THAT word or see... well, you know what I mean!)

3. Gore/Horror/Graphic Violence
(Not into it--my crimes happen off the page.)

4. Beautiful, artistic language rife with symbolism and profound, life-altering insight into the meaning of humanity
(Meh. I write to entertain, and make no apology for it!)

5. Somebody else's chewed gum
(Warning: does not apply to used books.)

This is my new writing space, which I like to call "The Polynesian Room." Yes, I know it's not authentic Polynesian, but total "Gilligan's Island" kitsch. But hey, whatever inspires, right? I love my tikis and my hibiscus-colored walls and that's just the way it is! (At least the plants on my desk are real. And they haven't died yet. <knock on wood>) I also keep a bird book and binoculars close at hand. Five species of woodpeckers so far and counting! Oh, and I manage to get some real writing work done here too. Sometimes...
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