Family-Friendly Comedies

See You in Bells

  As "performed" in the mystery novel Never Thwart a Thespian!
Weddings in the Bower family never have run smoothly.
But this one will take the cake

The mother of the bride has every reason to panic. Three generations of Bower family weddings--three inexplicable disasters. Now, with the church building falling down, half the wedding party AWOL, and the bride's sisters still fighting over what happened at the last family wedding, daughter Jenna's nuptials seem hopelessly doomed. But peacemaking brother Brian is determined to end the sisters' feud--and the family curse. All he needs is to stage a rip-roaring intervention… and pray it turns divine!
Perfect for a
Church Theater Group!

Don't have a stage? Don't worry! See You in Bells can be performed in any sanctuary. With no special set and only minimal props required, See You in Bells is the perfect choice for drama groups with limited resources, and its noncreedal message of community and family is suitable for virtually any denomination. Cast includes 6 men, 6 women, and 3 youth; with a cameo for a good-natured minister!

Scary Drama I

It's a dark and stormy night.
What could go wrong?


When master manipulator and future prom queen Christine DeSmet is forced to attend a Halloween lock-in along with her younger sister, she is mortified. Tricking two of her girlfriends into suffering with her is small comfort, especially when she realizes that the only boys at the party have barely hit puberty and the matronly chaperone is a total whack-job. The last thing she expects to happen is for three very good-looking, very rough-looking older guys to walk in--thinking they're reporting to an alternative detention center for juvenile offenders! After the clueless youth director literally locks them all in, the girls realize they are stuck together till morning, despite the storm outside that has knocked out both power and phone lines, the mysterious disappearance of all their cell phone batteries, the disturbing presence of a twelve-year-old, self-confessed pyromaniac, the only half-welcome attentions of the Future Felons of America, and worst of all--repeated sightings of a creepy janitor who they gradually become certain is not a janitor at all, but a deranged, teenager-stalking psychopath!

Or is he? More than one person in this nightmare of a lock-in might not be who, or what, they appear. Including the church's new youth director!

Perfect for Youth Groups!

An intergenerational cast of
youth and adults make this laugh-out-loud show an ideal choice for a dinner or dessert theater fundraiser!

Cast includes 5 adults and 10 youths. Simple interior set. 50 minutes.

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