Book Three of the Hawaiian Shadows series

Sometimes being together feels electrifying.
Sometimes it actually is

Seventeen year-old Kali has spent an idyllic few months on Oahu, becoming ever closer to Zane as they enjoy the tropical sun on the beaches of the world famous North Shore. But as their summer vacations draw to a close, Kali can't help but feel a twinge of concern. Nothing between the two teenagers has ever been simple, but the deeper in love she falls, the more intense her connection with the shadows -- and other things she'd rather not connect with -- seems to become. And as excited as she is about the prospect of Zane's returning her love, their bizarre relationship seems to be having "effects" on him as well -- effects that are more than a little disturbing.

A frustrated Kali feels as if she and Zane might be in perfect Lokahi, or harmony, if only they could be "normal." But is that even an option? When an innocent mix-up at the Honolulu airport results in their crossing paths with fate at its darkest, Kali and Zane must decide whether to play it safe… or embrace the power of the unknown.

First Edition 2016

Edie's Scoop
I wasn’t sure this book would ever happen. Empath seemed to tie things up pretty well, and I wasn’t sure the series had found its audience. But people kept emailing me and wanting more Kali and Zane… and frankly, I missed them, too! I also felt sorry for poor Tara and Kylee, left behind in Wyoming for senior year, and I wanted Matt and Lacey to find some happiness of their own. So here we go!
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