The Warning

Book Four of the Hawaiian Shadows series
Knowing things you shouldn’t can make you powerful.
It can also rip your heart out.

Lacey Chambliss should be on top of the world, even if a hurricane is headed straight for her hometown of Honolulu. She’s being praised as a hero for saving a surfer’s life; her senior year of high school is about to begin; and after three long years of looking at her as a sister, her favorite guy in the world has finally asked her out. But Lacey has a painful secret. Several times in her life she has seen a strange visual phenomenon associated with a particular person. And every time she sees it, the person dies.
Lacey has always tried her best to warn people, even when she was a child. But her best has never been good enough. So when, to her horror, the dreaded specter strikes the guy she most adores, she vows to do whatever it takes to change his fate. Even if it means taking some serious risks, beginning with confessing her own freakishness. Because what she needs most now are some allies. And unbeknownst to her, in turning to her new friends Kali and Zane she has stumbled upon two powerful allies indeed...

Released August 9th 2017!

Edie's Scoop
This book started out as a challenge to write, because I kept finding myself drifting back into Kali's head and seeing things from  her point of view.  But that was a problem, because I knew this had to be Lacey's story! So I concentrated on Lacey as a person and what her life was like before she met Kali... and then almost magically, it all began to come together and Lacey became real to me. Not only that, but I surprised myself by falling in love with Matt!
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