Book Two of the Hawaiian Shadows series

She can feel what's in the hearts of both the living and the dead.
But can she keep her own from breaking?

Kali is hopelessly, madly in love with a guy who can't remember ever meeting her. But she's never been one to give up easily -- or to break her word -- and she promised Zane that she would stop hiding her "gifts" from the people closest to her. When her heartfelt confession of seeing shadows of the past sends her friend Tara into a stony silence and her fighter-pilot dad into a tailspin, Kali wonders if she's done the right thing. Thank goodness her friend Kylee seems to understand, because being in love is having more of an effect on Kali than just making her miserable. It's making her "abilities" grow stronger than ever.

When at last she and Zane meet again on the beaches of Oahu's North Shore, Kali is determined that, this time, everything will turn out right. But when a foreboding specter appears in the midst of Kali's own family -- a presence that only Zane can see -- the two find themselves in a situation that is anything but normal. And if the effect that Zane's touch has on Kali is any indication, the two may be flirting with a connection far more intense than either of them bargained for…

Edie's Scoop
I wanted to write this sequel so badly! It took me years to find the time, but I always knew that Kali and Zane would find their way together again… and back to the North Shore! After I wrote Wraith and before I wrote this book, I went back to Hawaii a couple more times (because I was obsessed, and because we still had frequent flier miles to spend from all those business trips) and I kept finding things to add/update/tweak in the original book to make it more authentic. I do love how the new publishing world lets books stay “alive,” and I hope that these characters have many more adventures to come!
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