Never Con a Corgi

Book Six of the Leigh Koslow Mystery Series
It's been ten long years since Leigh Koslow last stumbled onto a body. She thought she had a reprieve.

She was wrong.

Hapless advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow, now a middle-aged mom, is more than happy to leave the macabre pandemonium of her thirties behind. Unfortunately, Leigh's killer karma hasn't really deserted her... it's just been biding its time.

When a walk with her dog turns up the corpse of the real estate developer who's been conniving to bulldoze her Aunt Bess's homestead, Leigh once again calls in the aid of detective friend Maura Polanski. Unfortunately, Leigh's inborn talent for trouble seems to have been bestowed on the next generation...

First Edition 2012
Question:  Why did you skip ten years after Never Tease a Siamese?

Answer:  Ten actual years passed between books 5 & 6. Only then did the advent of ebooks make it possible for me to revive the series!

Edie's Scoop
The dog on the cover is my own beloved corgi, Pember, the inspiration for Chewie. He lived for three things: (1) Food. (2) To be at some human's feet at all times. (3) Food. If you look closely in his eyeball in the cover photo, you can see a reflection of me squatting down in the snow to take his picture. You'll be happy to know that Pember was unaffected by his fame. Except for wanting more food.
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