Never Sorry

Book Two of the Leigh Koslow Mystery Series
In this zoo, the most dangerous species isn't behind bars!

With her fledgling advertising business a little short on cash, copywriter Leigh Koslow decides that a part-time job at the local zoo might be just what she needs. Unfortunately, stumbling onto a grisly crime scene behind the tiger run is not. When she realizes that the victim was her new boyfriend's ex, things look bad. But when the police discover that she was also Leigh's high school nemesis, things get worse. Getting out of this jam will require more than a little help from her friends, because if the law doesn't put Leigh away -- the real killer well might!
Critical Praise
"Edie Claire is a bright new addition to the mystery world. Along with appealing characters and a blessedly lucid writing style, she delivers a solid plot that keeps the pages turning. NEVER SORRY is ever entertaining."  —Margaret Maron

"This is a riveting, mind-blowing book with an ending that will leave you in shock. This book is well written, and the plot is perfect for any mystery lover. The characters are well formed and very easy to picture. Leigh comes across as a caring, strong-willed amateur sleuth. I loved this one, and with the cliffhanger Ms. Claire leaves at the end, I can't wait for the next Leigh Koslow book." —Mystery News

"In her second mystery, Edie Claire again shows an affinity for solid plotting and engaging characters. Twists and turns abound in Never Sorry as Leigh learns what happens when the myth of high school crush becomes reality." —Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

"A witty tale peopled with very amusing characters…Claire does a fine job in plotting and the solution is bound to surprise you."  —Romantic Times

"A fun romp of murder, friendship, family, romantic entanglements and junk food."  —Pittsburgh Magazine

"A provocative puzzler with a real grabber of an ending. You'll never look at a zoo the same way again." —Selma Eichler

"Leigh Koslow makes for an engaging heroine who is believable enough for any reader to identify with. NEVER SORRY is a fun mystery with unexpected twists and turns."  —Jessica Speart

Other Editions
Edie's Scoop
Much of the background for this book comes from when I was a zoo volunteer. I worked with the vet, and the scene with the orangutan is pretty much true -- I lost years off my life!

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