Never Steal a Cockatiel

Book Nine of the Leigh Koslow Mystery Series
The brains behind this birdnapping
Had better run for cover!

Pets in the North Boros of Pittsburgh are disappearing… along with their owners' hard-earned cash. The Koslow Animal Clinic has seen its share of mayhem, but when a spree of petnappings for ransom are targeted at its clients, suspicion falls uncomfortably close to Leigh Koslow's veterinarian father. Leigh refuses to believe that anyone in the family is involved -- never mind that her aunt's notorious ex, Mason Dublin, has just flown the coop. Never mind that several of his fellow poker players have recently turned up missing… or murdered. And never mind that on his way out of town, Mason dropped off a few pets for Leigh to secretly take care of.

There must be a rational explanation, preferably one that has nothing to do with either Leigh's relatives or the clinic staff. But as the evidence begins to mount, Leigh faces facts: the petnappings are an inside job. With the unofficial help of detective and new mom Maura Polanski, Leigh hopes to finger the traitor before any more pets disappear. Because when the animal-loving citizens of the North Boros start fighting back, feathers are going to fly!

First Edition 2015
Edie's Scoop
I've never had a cockatiel or a parrot as a pet, just budgies and finches. I wish  the bigger, more intelligent birds weren't in captivity at all, but kudos to all those working tirelessly in rescue and rehabilitation! You rock!
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